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The car-parts production workshop "Nele" - Contact us

Workshop NeleThe "Nele" workshop was established in 1995. We are located in Indjija - Serbia, Janka Veselinovića street, number 15.

Our complete production line and warehouse space is located at the address mentioned above.

Since now we have successfully exported our products to Egypt, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Business Cardworkshop "Nele", Serbia, 22320 Indjija, Janka Veselinovića 15

the owner: eng. Dragan Ilić

phone/fax: +381 (0)22/55 65 77

mobile: +381 (0)64 13 00 0712

email: | web:

For all types of information and ordering products from our range of products please contact us directly via the attached e-mail address or phone.