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The car-parts production workshop "Nele" - The offer

The essence of our production are rubber and metal products for automotive industry, such as various types of drive shafts, rubber boots, pulleys, engine mounts, strut mounts, hoses, rubber linings and the like. We present some of the most characteristic products designed in our workshop:

Nele - Specimen 1Nele - Specimen 2Nele - Specimen 3Nele - Specimen 4
Nele - Specimen 5Nele - Specimen 6Nele - Specimen 7Nele - Specimen 8

The complete range of our products is presented in the catalogs classified according to the car type and brand. By using the website navigatation you can quickly and easily search for a particular product made for the vehicle you possess.

Because of the variety of different products our web presentation contains only representative examples sorted by the type of the vehicle. Complete and official „Nele“ catalog you can download in .pdf format directly from the links attached below: